What makes The Cleaning Pros of America different?

Our Values-Oriented Culture.

At The Cleaning Pros of America, We believe that a values-oriented culture is behind any successful community and business. It is engrained in our minds to think and take care of your brand as our own. We believe in creating a team through core values that everyone can be happy to adopt. When a team is synchronized the fullest, the execution of excellent service is consistent and sustainable.


Excellence– The pursuit of perfection might be insanity, but we don’t let that stop us. Through it, We reach excellence every time.

■Responsibility - We believe in Personal and Professional responsibility. A team of individuals with responsibility at the core, is a team united.

■Community– We believe in creating a positive community within our operations and our community. A team that becomes a community crushes any goal, problem and task before them. 

■Innovation– Through technology and innovation, we strive to simplify all of our processes, to help you save the most valuable currency: Time.