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About Us

The Cleaning Pros of America started out as a tiny operation back in October of 2014 as a way for our owner, Alejandro, to help his parents  earn income on their own terms. They had recently lost their jobs, so they decided to branch out on their own. Using their experience and dedication to janitorial services, soon enough they had 5 steady customers!


Alejandro got curious about starting his own entrepreneurial journey in early 2017. He realized that it was time to take a leap, so he quit his job at a local bank and started working nights in a local downtown Sarasota restaurant. Little did they know that night shift at the restaurant would later turn into one of his clients. Thus, a local and customer based commercial cleaning company was created! TCP America was just a family team of three in 2017. Flash forward to 2022 and it’s quickly grown into a team of 23, working to create a cleaner and brighter space for our local area. 

The T.C.P. America Difference

When it comes to our staff, we don’t just make sure that they’re trained to complete the job in a thorough and efficient manner. TCP America believes in professionalism that finds a way to accommodate each and every client. Whether that means taking extra time to listen to a specific need, adapting to a different schedule, or explaining a process one more time, our clients are always heard. We open the door to create a space where our “transaction” within our business is actually a colloborative relationship. 

Our Core Values

The Cleaning Pros of America take pride in instilling core values that allow our team to give our clients the best experience from start to finish. Working with these values in mind is easy when they make our work environment a safe and professional place! 


Excellence - The pursuit of perfection might be insanity, but we don’t let that stop us. Through it, we reach excellence every time.


Responsibility - A team of individuals with responsibility at its core is a team united.


Community – We believe in creating a positive environment within our operations and our community. A team that becomes a community crushes any goal, problem and task before them. 


Innovation – With technology and innovation at our fingertips, we strive to simplify all of our processes to help you save the most valuable currency: Time.

Meet Our Owner!

Alejandro Florez


Alejandro comes with a family background in both entrepreneurship and business ownership. At the young age of 10, he immigrated from Cali, Colombia to the United States. He watched, like many other first-generation kids as his parents struggled to rebuild their lives in Bradenton, FL. After all, they had lost their business of 25 years. 


Before graduating Lakewood Ranch High School, Alejandro decided to fund The Cleaning Pros of America (Formerly Sunshine Fresh and Clean Janitorial Services), alongside his father. Alejandro's vision isn’t only limited to TCP America. He envisions his company and any future endeavors will allow him to further his reach in the local community. He hopes to positively influence changes and policies for years to come. In his spare time you can find him coaching & playing soccer, or planning his next international trip!

Now that you have learned more about us, let’s get connected!

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