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5 reasons hiring a company for your post-construction cleaning project is the best strategy

5 reasons hiring a company for your post-construction project is the best strategy

As an experienced home or commercial builder, you already understand the critical need for your project to be completed with a plan in place. If you’re just starting out as a home builder or working as a contractor and your job is to oversee the project, you’ll want to have this piece of the job planned out and ready to execute weeks or even months before the renovation is complete.

Whether you’re a veteran or rising leader in this industry, finishing your project with a thorough cleaning is the home stretch to signing off on a contract well done, and in this article, we’ll share 5 reasons why hiring a post-construction cleaning company can be your best asset.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s worth hiring a PCC (or post-construction service) to oversee your construction cleaning.

1. It doesn’t have to cost you extra

The biggest reason we hear from some builders on why they don’t hire a separate cleaning service is because of the money. However, most contractors who hire a PCC service figured out how to calculate the cost of cleaning into their pricing proposals before the project ever started. It’s important to know that whether you do the cleaning yourself or have your construction crew do the cleaning, it’s going to cost you something. But adding the cost into your pricing prior to the job keeps you from biting into your profit and investing in a good cleaning company.

2. It allows you to be more efficient

Because a cleaning company’s main job is to focus on post construction cleaning, they will arrive at the job with the best supplies and equipment to complete the job in a timely manner. Unprepared crews often providing the lowest bids, can show up to a cleaning using a few rags and little tools which can drag out the completion date. Our company completes each project with the most effective products to ensure there is no wasted time.

3. It saves you on employee expenses

Hiring your own employees to do the cleaning can rack up expenses like employee taxes, unemployment insurance, liability insurance and workers compensation. By contracting this out to a trusted PCC service, you can eliminate these fees, paperwork and extra people managing.

4. It ensures safe, professional cleaning

A builder paying someone with no experience to clean their worksite can have damaging consequences. We heard one incident where a temp worker from a local employment agency who had no experience in cleaning chemicals, ended up using a bleach product to clean surfaces. It ended up causing discoloration on the bathroom cabinetry, to which the customer complained and forced the builder to replace at no extra cost.

We know which products are safe for your worksite, whether it’s a home or commercial building. Not only that, but our employees are trained on how to use any product or tool on your project and the chance of mistakes occurring are extremely small.

5. We work around YOUR schedule

Having cleaned for many construction companies, we understand the uncertainties of today's scheduling that arise during a project, whether due to material shortages, uncooperative weather or workers not showing up. We understand the delays all these can cause and the extra layer of stress this puts on a project manager. This is why we remain flexible on scheduling. We’ll communicate with you all the way up until the construction is complete and will expedite scheduling the cleanup appointment.

It doesn’t cost you anything to get a proposal

Maybe you’re on the fence about hiring a PCC service to manage your project cleanings. If you’re like some builders, the idea of contracting this part of your jobs sounds like a lifesaver, but you’re not sure whether you could make the money aspect work, or even trust someone else to do it.

We understand, and that’s why we always offer free consultation prior to a new job. Our team will meet with you to go over scope of work, pricing options and completion time. Our hope is that you decide to make the best choice like most home builders have and trust us with your business.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation, or email us!

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