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clean restrooms = More Money for Your Business

As a business owner, it’s crucial to understand that maintaining clean and well-stocked restrooms is not just a matter of hygiene but also a matter of customer satisfaction and revenue. According to a recent survey by Bradley Corporation, almost 60% percent of Americans are more likely to spend money at a business with clean and well-maintained restrooms.

The survey also revealed that a bad restroom experience can have significant negative consequences for businesses. More than half of Americans say an unclean or unpleasant public bathroom shows poor management, and it causes them to lower their opinion of the overall establishment. Additionally, over 50% percent of customers vow not to return to a business after a bad restroom experience, and 32% percent will share their negative experience with others via social media or word of mouth.

To avoid these negative outcomes, businesses need to prioritize regular restroom cleaning and maintenance, even if they are operating with limited budgets and staffing issues. Customers place a high value on clean restrooms, and they reward businesses that offer them. In fact, the survey found that customers are willing to pay more at businesses with clean and well-stocked restrooms.

Another important factor to consider is the increasing aversion to touching restroom surfaces due to germ consciousness. The survey found that 62% percent of Americans use a paper towel to avoid touching toilet flushers and faucet and door handles, while 43% percent operate the flusher with their foot, and 27% percent open and close doors with their behind to eliminate contact. Businesses that offer touchless fixtures, such as faucets, flushers, soap, and towel dispensers, are more likely to attract customers and keep them coming back.

In summary, whether you have an in-house cleaning operation or employ a Building Service Contractor / Janitorial Company, maintaining clean and well-stocked restrooms is not only essential for hygiene but also for customer satisfaction and revenue. By prioritizing regular cleaning and maintenance and investing in touchless fixtures, businesses can create a positive restroom experience for customers, increase their likelihood of returning, and ultimately drive repeat sales.


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